10 Reasons to Work at Camp

Working at a summer camp provides unique opportunities to develop demonstrated knowledge and abilities that are important to future employers.  There is a wealth of experience and many learning opportunities, in a camp setting, that employer’s love to see on a resume (CV).  We’ve listed ten pretty good reasons camp is a good choice for your summer job below.  The best proof is to speak with someone who has spent a summer at Camp Arnold.  If you’re interested in speaking with one of our Alumni staff just let us know and we’ll get you in contact with someone.

Important to know…  Working at camp is great but it isn’t for everyone.  If you keep reading below the “ten reasons” for working here we have listed a few challenges that you will want to be informed about as well.  Hopefully this page will share the good, the bad and the ugly and help you make a well informed choice for yourself.

We would love to have the chance to answer any questions you might have about working at Camp Arnold this summer.  Take a few minutes to read through the paragraphs below and then – APPLY!  Set your course.  Change lives – be changed.

Reason Number One

Being a Role Model

Working at camp you will learn the importance, and see the impact, of being a role model. You will witness lives changing right before your eyes because of what you have said, done, and modeled in front of the campers.  In the process, as you see broken lives made whole and feel the power and presence of God, you will find yourself being changed.

Reason Number Two

Build Teamwork Skills

Hone your relational skills here!  Relational living in a summer camp setting can be fun, but it is not always easy. Through the summer you will learn to do relationships and community in powerful new ways. Working with a large, dynamic group of people who are all focused on the same goals and vision is powerful and encouraging. Not always easy – but always worthwhile. 

Reason Number Three

Develop Skills Employers Look For

Camp is fertile ground for demonstrated ability in:

  • Creativity
  • Programming
  • Work Ethic
  • Showing an Openness to New Experiences
  • Respect
  • Problem Solving
  • And more!

Reason Number Four

Boost Your Resume (CV)

Working at a Summer Camp, particularly a camp that has a demonstrated ability to effectively minister to the marginalized, is a great addition to your resume! This page highlights just some of the skills, abilities, and opportunities that exist in the context of summer camping. At the end of the season when you sit down to add to your resume, if you have served passionately and well, you will have powerful content to add.

Reason Number Five

Create Lifelong Friends

There will be moments during your summer at camp when you feel completely spent: emotionally, physically and spiritually. But in the midst of those moments, working alongside others, you will find support, friendship, and love. Going through the highs and lows within this powerful ministry will create deep, meaningful, relationships with those working around you.  Relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Reason Number Six

Challenging - Yes! Fun - Yes!

More than any other event, job, or situation Camp creates paradox and contrast in your daily life. You will be pushed and challenged to grow, but you will also have some of the craziest fun of your life! Come to camp prepared to set aside your serious self once in a while to take part in intentional silliness – both for the benefit of the kids as well as the staff. Camp – is – fun!

Reason Number Seven

Campers Will Change You

While you will come to camp excited to give of yourself to change the lives of others – you will find, at the end of the summer, that your life has been changed as well.  You will meet children that have dealt with unimaginable crises and situations in their lives and you will be humbled by their ability to thrive.  As you share with others you will find yourself suddenly deeply touched, by your own words, as you speak life and light into the young lives in front of you.  Opportunities for teaching, serving, will challenge you as you  awaken to each camper’s unique life story.

Reason Number Eight

Conflict Resolution

Living and working in the microcosm that is camp there will be many moments of conflict.  Between campers, between staff, between staff and campers, between yourself and leadership…  Throughout the summer you will be able to hone (sharpen, enhance) your ability to resolve conflict.  There will be conflict resolution training – but there will be so much more practical application.  This is a demonstrated skill that employers love to see and that you will be able to list on your resume (CV).  Some people have the ability to resolve conflict naturally – for most of us it takes determination and practice.  In our camp setting there is a wealth of support and knowledge to assist you as you grow and develop in your ability to resolve conflicts of diverse natures.

Reason Number Nine

Public Speaking

It amazes me every year to see some of our most shy staff come out of their shell over the course of summer to become, seemingly, another person.  Summer camp programming provides many opportunities to develop your public speaking ability: whether it is on the campfire stage, speaking in the dining hall, helping teach a class, or giving devotions to your campers.  You will have the opportunity to develop confidence, demeanor, and presence modeled by experienced staff. You will also have ample opportunities to practice in a safe and supportive environment.  Public speaking is not always comfortable and easy – but it is a great skill that is worth pursuing. 

Reason Number Ten

Always New and Exciting!

Every summer, even different summers at the same camp, can be dynamically diverse.  Different staff, different programs, different campers, new leadership with new vision…  There is always something fresh, exciting and fun!  There are plenty of higher paying alternatives for summer jobs:  flipping burgers, working retail, landscaping..  But, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these jobs, you probably won’t be able to look back at your summer and realize that you’ve absolutely changed the course of young lives and changed your own life in the process.  Changing lives and bringing hope – it’s hard to find anything else that is that rewarding.

Apply Now!

Important things to know…

There are a few things that may challenge some applicants and we want to make sure we are up front with as much information as possible.

  1. We are serious about teaching from the Bible, directing people to a relationship with Jesus, and living communally in an environment that is governed by conservative, Christian values and practices.  Reading our “Doctrines and Beliefs” page will help you gain understanding about who we are and what we value.
  2. Staff live on-site throughout the summer.  With few exceptions most of our summer crew are expected to live on site and work throughout the day.  There will be time off for every worker but there will also be long days laboring together.  The pay is less than typical state minimum wage because we are also providing room and board.  Please ask any questions you need to in order to feel comfortable accepting a position here.
  3. Sometimes we work many days in a row.  Our summer schedule is pretty busy and you will sometimes find yourself working up to 8-10 days in a row.  Anytime our summer staff work more than a five day week they are paid extra but we encourage you to look carefully at the schedule before accepting a job here.
  4. All Counselors and Program Staff will be expected to share from the Bible using their own practical Bible knowledge and experience. You will be expected to share about your own relationship with God as well as assisting with devotions, Bible study times and prayer times.  Having a working knowledge of the Bible, and understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus, is absolutely necessary for these positions.
  5. Everyone will be helping to clean the camp throughout the summer.  At the end of each session it’s “all hands on deck” to get things cleaned up and ready for the next group.

We encourage you to read our website and ask lots of questions to make sure you have a clear understanding of what will be required of you throughout the summer.  If you have worked at a summer camp before you likely find many things similar to where you have served.  However, if you have never worked at a residential summer camp before, it will behoove you to do a few web searches to learn how it is different from a typical summer job.