Summer Camp FAQ

Please note which Camp area you are interested in. Some information may differ for our Timberlake, Tahoma and Day Camp programs.  If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at: (253) 847-2511

Click on the following link to view a .pdf with information on what your child should plan to pack for their week away at camp!  What to Bring to Camp


Boys and girls live and sleep in separate cabins, but most activities are shared.

Children are placed in cabins according to age and sex. For the most part friends, siblings, and other relatives are not placed in cabins together. Camp is a place to make new friends and by not allowing friends and relations to be placed together it starts everyone off on the same foot.
  • Timberlake and Tahoma Programs

Camp Arnold is owned and operated by The Salvation Army.  Each TSA unit (corps/SE) sets tuition based upon a parent’s ability to pay, and local fundraising efforts available.  All registrations for summer camp are handled through the local Salvation Army unit (Corps/SE).  If you are not sure how to contact your local Salvation Army, please go to the Salvation Army Northwest Divisional Website and use the Salvation Army location button located on the top right of that site.  If your unsure how to proceed you are always welcome to call us at Camp Arnold – (253) 847-2511.

In order to reserve a spot for your child to attend summer camp, you will need to complete an application and return it to your local Salvation Army unit (Corps/SE) as soon as possible.  Each Salvation Army unit is allotted a certain number of spots for campers.  These allotments usually fill up fast.  Complete applications, with any required deposit, are processed first.  Once your local Salvation Army unit receives this application and deposit, they will contact you to arrange transportation to Camp Arnold.

  • Day Camp Programs

In order to reserve a spot for your child to attend Day Camp, you will need to complete an application and return it to The Salvation Army Camp Arnold as soon as possible.  Because of the popularity and limited capacity of our Day Camp program completed applications may not guarantee your child a spot, but will put them on a waiting list. Spots are given on a first come basis. Please contact our office at (253) 847-2511 for more information.

Registration for our overnight camping programs is done through your local Salvation Army Corps (Church), Community Center or Program.  If there are no Salvation Army programs or churches in your area please give the Camp Office a call at (253) 847-2511 and we will work to connect you with the right person.

Final payment of camper fees should be made two weeks before the requested camp session. Upon this final payment, and with completion of all forms, a child is officially accepted for camp. Payment of such fees should be made to The Salvation Army office from which the application was obtained.
  • Timberlake and Tahoma Programs

For overnight camps transportation from your local Salvation Army office (Corps) and back is usually provided.  If you would prefer to transport your own child to and from Camp Arnold please work with the Salvation Army Corps or Program that you signed up through.  It is important that everyone knows how each camper is arriving to and leaving from camp.

  • Day Camp Programs
Day camper drop-offs and pick-ups happen every day and are the responsibility of the Parent. Only the person who has signed the application form can pick up a child, unless prior arrangement have been made in writing. For security reasons, you will be asked to show photo ID when you arrive to pick up your child.

For more information about Day Camp Pick Ups and Drop Offs you can click here , or contact our main office at (253) 847-2511

For the smooth adjustment of campers and the efficient operation of camp, visits and phone calls are strongly discouraged, as it tends to breed feelings of homesickness. But please feel free to send your child a letter or card to the Camp at:

Camp Arnold
ATTN: (Your child’s name here)
33712 Webster Rd E
Eatonville, WA 98328

Or send a fax: (253) 847-2910 (specify clearly your Camper’s name.)

Or email and specify your child’s name in the subject line.

Parents are welcome to call, (253) 847-2511, and get an update from administrative staff on their child. This update will only include whether your child has been in the Nurse’s Office during their stay and whether any behavioral issues or concerns have been reported. Unless otherwise notified, your child has integrated into the camp experience with no problems.

Younger Campers and those who may be missing home are encouraged to write letters and postcards home. You may want to include some self-addressed stamped envelopes or postcards for them to do so.

We also do not allow campers to keep cell phones with them at Camp, as many cell phones now have the capability of picture/video taking and we cannot completely police when or where photos/videos will be taken. These are also expensive gadgets to replace if dropped, damaged, or lost, and we will not be held responsible for them. Instead we embrace the idea that a week in nature is most beneficial without the disruption of modern conveniences of cell phones, tablets, video games, and other electronics.

If a parent/guardian needs to pick-up their child from camp, please have the parent call first. When they arrive at camp they must show picture identification and sign for their child. Only the parent or guardian that has signed the application form may pick-up their child from camp.  If anyone other than the person who registered the camper will need to pick up the camper please provide written authorization, in advance, so we can plan accordingly.

Please note: Children will only be released into the custody of the parent/guardian that signed the application.

To provide a safe and enjoyable environment reflecting Christian values, certain guidelines must be followed. If, for any reason, your child’s behavior is considered dangerous to the camp staff, other campers or themselves, or is detrimental to the experience of others, he or she will be dismissed. You are responsible for providing transportation in the unlikely event of a disciplinary dismissal.

The Camp Healthcare Manager is available for all health/medical instances that may arise at Camp. Please send ALL prescribed medication with your child in original containers with dosage instructions. We will not be able to dispense the medication otherwise. Their week at Camp is not an appropriate time to try your child on a new medication or to introduce a trial period without medication – particularly if your child normally takes behavioral management or psychotropic meds.
Special meals are offered to children who have documented allergies to certain foods, or medically prescribed dietary requirements.
In the event of illness or an emergency or when a child must return home early, a parent or guardian will be the first person to be notified. It is to the child’s advantage that we are able to reach you promptly. Your secondary/emergency contact should also be someone who is aware that they are listed as such and be willing and able to provide transportation should an issue arise.
We are within minutes of representatives of the Sheriff’s Department , South Pierce County Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services. In the event of an emergency, we will be well protected and cared for. If evacuation is necessary, parents will be contacted with further information.
  • Canoeing
  • Climbing Wall
  • Challenge Course