Camp Arnold Outdoor Education Goals

Camp Arnold’s Outdoor Education programs are designed to supplement classroom learning by providing students the opportunity to explore the natural world with all their senses in a community environment. Through participation in an active and fun environment students develop a sense of compassion for the earth
and others.

Each group that visits Camp Arnold will also have its own unique goals and objectives. By working together we can develop a program that satisfies the needs of your school, achieves the learning objectives of the teachers, and complements the developmental needs of the students.
Following are the program goals for each participant:

  • To help students understand the relationship between themselves and the natural world through hands on learning.
  • To increase knowledge of ecological concepts.
  • To enhance students relationships with each other, their teachers, and their parents.
  • To teach environmental stewardship and increase understanding of the effects of choices upon the natural world.
  • To foster The Salvation Army’s values of meeting human needs without discrimination.
  • To provide experiences for students to promote key developmental assets.
  • To support students and educators in reaching the Washington Science Standards.

Click here for a .pdf document with more great Outdoor Education Information!

Information for Administrators

After booking your Outdoor Education experience at Camp Arnold, we recommend the following:

  • Start planning at least 2 months in advance.
  • Recruit chaperones, (1 for every 10 students).
  • If choosing to include Challenge Course activities, pass out the Liability Release and Medical Waiver to every participant, to be signed and returned by parents, chaperones, teachers, etc.
  • Designate a First Aid provider from your own group.
  • Communicate your needs and goals to Camp Arnold staff to create a memorable trip!